A three-dimensional approach to better health

At The Maxwell Page Group we understand that Good Health is at the heart of human progress and development. The Mind, Body, and Spirit must all be aligned in order to achieve Good Health. That is why we created The Wellness Cube. The Wellness Cube is a health facility that offers a holistic approach to Outpatient Healthcare with a keen focus on the most vulnerable population.

Our Pediatric Program includes both Primary Care and Pediatric Dentistry with a Cognitive Wellness Smile Zone, and Childcare Services. The CUBE also offers a community-based clinic that will provide some of your more basic primary care services such as Family Practice, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Behavior Health, and Physical Health & Wellness. We understand that it takes more than a doctor’s visit to help keep a community well. Creating access to healthcare services is just one of the many things that we believe is needed in order to create a healthy environment. Education, Quality Housing, Healthy Food Choices, and Workforce Development all play a significant role in keeping the community well.

Through our Nonprofit Organization Word of Mouth Inc., we will offer Workforce Development, Education and Training, Job Readiness & Placement, and Financial Literacy. We believe that THE WELLNESS CUBE is an optimal health and wellness destination that will change the community for the better!